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‘Bomb Cyclone’ can impact game between Niners-Colts

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The San Francisco 49ers will be hosting the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night. During this clash, we could witness a game happening during incredible conditions. A so-called Bomb Cyclone will be hitting the West Coast on Sunday, exactly during the Niners-Colts game. It will be the same for the Seattle Seahawks who will be hosting the New Orleans Saints during Monday Night Football.

According to NBC Sports, the cyclone brings intense rain and high wind speeds. That could benefit or hurt both of the teams taking the field on Sunday in San Francisco and on Monday in Seattle. Niners coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to reporters and specified which preparations did the team have for the adverse weather. He stated:

Jimmy [Garoppolo] wanted to try it out and work some different gloves and stuff to see. Nate [Sudfeld] gave him some ideas on some things that he’s used and they tried that out. So, it seemed like they enjoyed it, but that stuff, really just for the quarterbacks, they can change a couple things, but that’s all up to them and that stuff’s all different. Everyone else, you deal with it and you see what type of game it is. You see who’s staying in the ground the best, who your best mudders are and you figure that out as the game goes and you lean on them.”

The fans certainly hope that even through these conditions, they will still see two great games on Sunday and Monday. Here’s to hoping it does alter the Niners-Colts game all that much.