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Pathetic details emerge about former Notre Dame HC Brian Kelly’s goodbye to Fighting Irish players

Notre Dame Brian Kelly

More details are coming out about Brian Kelly’s breakup with Notre Dame, and it isn’t pretty. He ended things with the Fighting Irish players over an instant message, after they had already heard the news from the media. In his breakup text, Kelly said he would “have more to share” with the players at their meeting at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning. He also expressed love and gratitude, texting: “my love for you is limitless and I am so proud of all that you have accomplished.” However, reports are coming out that Tuesday morning’s meeting was short…and not very sweet.

The Athletic’s Notre Dame beat writer Pete Sampson tweeted that the meeting was less than two minutes, per sources. Sampson also wrote that Kelly did not take any questions from his players, and walked out immediately after his address.

This makes me believe that Kelly is more focused on his upcoming job and salary at Louisiana State than he is on mending the seemingly broken relationship he once had with the Fighting Irish players. Reports last night made it seem like Kelly was truly upset that he couldn’t be the first to tell his Notre Dame players. Matt Fortuna of The Athletic tweeted that Kelly was upset that the news broke before he could share it.

Now, it looks like Kelly’s message of love and apologies on Monday night was an emotionless formality, much like his meeting Tuesday morning.