While a lot of people are questioning Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic's MVP win over Joel Embiid, Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young shared his belief that it's a well-deserved award for the Serbian.

Even before the NBA confirmed the MVP winner for 2021-22, there had already been leaks and reports citing Jokic's win. True enough, he came out as the clear winner, with Embiid not even getting close in the race.

After the official tally and the NBA's confirmation of the back-to-back MVP, Young took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the victory of the Nuggets star. Unlike other former NBA players who criticized the Joker, the Hawks superstar gave him his flowers and even had more nice things to say:

Nikola Jokic has the stats to back up his MVP claim, and the narrative of leading a Nuggets team to the playoffs even without the two other best players of the team bode well in his victory.

While Joel Embiid was equally deserving, it was really hard to vote against Jokic and ignore what he did for the Nuggets throughout the season. He might not be as dominant on the defensive end as Embiid, but he more than makes up for it with his all-around play and massive impact on winning.