Nuggets news: Isaiah Thomas apologizes to Cleveland
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Isaiah Thomas apologizes to Cleveland

Isaiah Thomas

After just calling Cleveland a “s–thole” on his own Facebook live feed, Denver Nuggets point guard Isaiah Thomas quickly took to Twitter to publicly apologize for his untoward remark.

For some context, here is the original video clip, in which Thomas not only calls Cleveland a “s–thole,” but also stated that this was partly to blame for LeBron James’ decision to pack up and leave — again.

What Thomas said there is a definite low blow and was absolutely uncalled for. He was likely just being brutally honest about his thoughts on his time in Cleveland, but it is still very unprofessional, at best.

Thomas’ apology does also sound a bit halfhearted. By implying that he was taken out of context, he refused to take full responsibility for his callous statement. At the end of the day, when you call something or someplace a “s–thole,” there’s very little room to misconstrue that.

The 29-year-old went on to give a selective shoutout to everybody in Cleveland, or at least only to those who “had love” for him. Is this adding insult to injury by pretty much saying that he has no love for everybody else?

This appears to be far from over and knowing how faithful Cleveland supporters are to their team and their city, an apology of this nature is not likely to fly with them one bit.