Jamal Murray is having a great offseason. After helping the Denver Nuggets win an NBA title in the 2022-23 NBA campaign, Murray is enjoying some downtime before preparation for the upcoming season gets serious. For now, he's got some time to chill and hang around guys like Jack Harlow, who even had the point guard on his latest music video for the song “Denver.”

Jamal Murray did not have a long screen time in the music video, but there's no way he would go unnoticed by Nuggets fans. Harlow isn't exactly from Denver, as he was born in Kentucky, even saying in the song that he's a “long way from Shelby County,” but through his lyrics, he expressed his appreciation for Mile High City.

Having Murray in his music video isn't just the first time that Harlow crossed his artistic career with basketball. He was one of the stars in the remake of White Men Can't Fly and also had a song released in 2020 titled “Tyler Herro,” which was the lead single off his That's What They All Say album. Herro, of course, starred for the Kentucky Wildcats back in his college days, so Harlow definitely knows a lot about the present-day Miami Heat scorer.

Perhaps not a few Nuggets fans were also left wondering after watching the said music video about whether Harlow tried reaching out to Denver superstar Nikola Jokic. Maybe one of these days, Harlow would release a track titled “Serbia,” with the two-time MVP in the music video.