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Michael Porter Jr. claps back at those calling him overrated

Michael Porter Jr.

In a recent radio interview with Noah Coslov of Sirius XMNBA, Denver Nuggets rookie Michael Porter Jr. was given an opportunity to clear the air regarding his recent social media mini beef with fellow rookie Luka Doncic. While on air, the 20-year-old couldn’t help but do some wishful thinking on some of the what if’s of his fledgling basketball career, had he not sustained a career-threatening back injury.

Porter is very confident about his abilities and thinks that had he been given a chance to complete his single season in college, he would have been an absolute beast.

“If I had played in college, I would have averaged 30 and 15,” Porter claimed without a shadow of a doubt.

Coming out of high school, Porter was considered one of, if not the top recruit of his class. In his senior year, the Columbia, Missouri native averaged an astonishing 36.2 points and 13.6 rebounds for the Nathan Hale High School basketball team, while leading his side to an unblemished 29-0 championship-winning season.

Porter committed to the University of Missouri, but unfortunately for him, he sustained his injury during the first half of his team’s season opener.

30 and 15 are not exactly impossible at the college level, and given Porter’s innate basketball talent, odds are, he would have come close to that average.

Nevertheless, that is in the past, and we will never know if Porter’s bold statement would have held true. What he has in front of him is an opportunity to prove himself at the highest level. Porter strongly believes that he is not overrated; now he just needs to show the world why this is the case.