Michael Porter Jr. is appearing in his first NBA Finals in his fourth career season all with the Denver Nuggets. He opened up on the grueling journey he had to take in order to be where he is now with a 1-0 lead over the Miami Heat, reports NBA on ESPN.

“For a lot of guys, that's career-ending, one of those surgeries…I don't know if anyone's ever played – especially at my young age – after three back surgeries.”

Michael Porter Jr. is discussing the three back surgeries that he had over the span of five years that plagued him throughout his young career. He is now playing a pivotal role for the Nuggets and is three wins away from an NBA Finals, which would cement an amazing comeback.

The perseverance that Michael Porter Jr. needed at such a young age to essentially sacrifice five years of his playing career in order to ensure his body could perform at the level he could is incredible to see. If the Nuggets do win the NBA Finals and Porter Jr. is able to put a ring on his finger, it will be quite the moment for the young star.

Besides the comeback that he has made, Porter Jr. has also cemented that he is more than just a feel-good story. He has the ability to be an elite scorer, including a knockdown three-point jump shot, and is a stellar defender. He is certainly on a trajectory to demand a huge contract one day, whether that be with the Nuggets or not.

As of right now, Michael Porter Jr. will be focusing on what he can do to help the Nuggets secure three more wins and an NBA Finals. Once this potentially happens, he undoubtedly deserves the time to celebrate and reflect on his journey.