Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic has taken the national spotlight by storm with his performance leading up to the NBA Finals. On the verge of Game 1 against the Miami Heat, NBA legend Tracy McGrady delivers some extremely high praise for the Serbian big man, via Showtime Basketball.

“Everything goes through him…it is amazing, the passes he makes from one side of the court to the other…he rebounds…he shoots the three…what can't he do?… I love him, I don't even know what words to say, I love him as a basketball player.”

The admiration in Tracy McGrady's voice is palpable as he talks about Jokic. He goes through every facet of his game and marvels at the fact that there is really nothing he can't do on the court while being 7'0 tall and without much muscle definition. He ends his soliloquy by simply saying that he loves Nikola Jokic as a basketball player.

McGrady is joined by many across the world in learning to love Nikola Jokic as a basketball player ahead of Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Playing with the Nuggets has kept him from the spotlight, but now all eyes are on the Denver big man before he takes on the Heat.

It should be a very exciting series, although it would be no surprise if Jokic led the Nuggets passed the Heat rather swiftly. They cruised through the Western Conference and look to be the far better team left. While an NBA Finals champion will soon be crowned, NBA fans should take advantage of another opportunity to watch Nikola Jokic and his greatness throughout this series.