The internet always wins and Wednesday night was no exception to the hilarious creativity that it brings to all.

Although families will be enjoying Thanksgiving feasts today, the NBA was kind enough to grace the fan base with a full plate of games to chew on.

The  Denver Nuggets faced a surging Houston Rockets team in the Mile High city after blowing out the Sacramento Kings Monday night. In a not so friendly game for the home team, the Rockets quickly went in for the kill, and led the game going into halftime by 35 points over the Nuggets.

During this time, NBA team's social media accounts update their pages with scores, but this one seemed like such a downer to post on Thanksgiving Eve as the Nuggets' Twitter account decided to add a couple of distractions to get fans' minds off the score.

When the Halftime buzzer sounded, the score was 75-40, but along with the score, they also offered a full recipe for Pumpkin Pie.

It was a nice gesture, but that didn't help the Nuggets, who are missing their star forward Paul Millsap, with their scoring woes. By the end of the third quarter, the score was 101-67, which was posted with the cooking instructions on how to mix and bake the pumpkin pie.

After the end of the game, the final score was posted with a Happy Thanksgiving message, to cap one of the most creative game-night posts in internet history.