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Paul Millsap’s takeaway from Clippers-Lakers game helped in forcing LeBron James to crucial miscue


Los Angeles LakersLeBron James recently started doing a time saving routine where he just lets the ball roll after an inbound pass until it reaches the halfway mark of the court. He did that a few days ago against the Los Angeles Clippers, with him missing the 3-pointer in the end.

LeBron tried to do it again in a crucial possession against the Denver Nuggets, but Paul Millsap was having none of his antics.

The Lakers were down 13 with less than three minutes left to play, LeBron obviously wanted to save as much time as possible by letting the ball just roll through the court, but when he was about to pick it up, Millsap surprised him by trying to steal it, which led to a turnover.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that help teams win games.

The Nuggets improved to 43-21 after beating the Lakers, one game behind the Golden State Warriors for the top spot in the Western Conference. Should they regain the tp seed, they are guaranteed to have homecourt advantage throughout the Western Conference playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Lakers are in the opposite side of the standings. They are currently 11th in the conference with a 30-35 record, and are most likely going to miss the postseason for the sixth straight year.

How things have changed over the past couple of years. The Lakers have usually dominated the Nuggets in the past, and the latter can’t seem to get past the former during the playoffs.

Now it’s a complete turnaround.

What a great season for Denver.