The 2023-2024 NBA season is headed for its inevitable conclusion with spirited debate arising in recent days about who should be the 2024 league MVP. The Nuggets' Nikola Jokic is the odds-on favorite to win the award with Luka Doncic of the Mavericks and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander of the Thunder next in line.

Jokic and fellow Nuggets star Jamal Murray got injury updates vs. the Hawks lately that could factor in to Mike Malone's team's quest to repeat. Jokic was indirectly blasted by Paul Pierce, who said recently that he thinks European players are ‘soft like pastries.'

With the MVP race heating up, comedic legends Kevin Hart and Cedric the Entertainer took aim at the Jokic for MVP campaign, sharing a handful of opinions that some may find shocking.

Jokic Win ‘Bad For the NBA,' Hart Says 

The controversial at times comedian Hart spoke candidly about his thoughts on Jokic's season. He said that Jokic winning the award would be ‘bad' for the NBA, while sharing takes with Cedric the Entertainer. Both seemed to feel that Gilgeous-Alexander isn't quite getting the attention he deserves for his stellar campaign with the Thunder.

“Good that he's a comedian and not an analyst. He's doing his job well,” one fan said in the X comments section.

“It's funny how many people talk (negatively) about Jokic and not want him to get another MVP,” another fan added.

Jokic's 2024 Nuggets Season So Far 

The Nuggets' Serbian living legend is nearly averaging a triple-double so far this season, with over 26 points, over 12 rebounds and nine assists. His success has come more quietly this season than in previous years. The Nuggets also have not dominated the league like they did in 2022-2023, adding to negative perceptions of the superstar ‘point center' and triple-double machine.

Doncic is averaging nearly 34 points and is also averaging a near-triple double this season for the Mavericks. A late season Mavs winning streak could push him further into MVP consideration.

Alexander has averages of 30.3 points, 5.5 rebounds and 6.3 assists on the season. His Thunder were one game behind the Mavericks for second place in the West as of Wednesday evening.