After spending weeks trying to get back on the right side of Bobby Lashley and then accompanying the seemingly re-formed duo of Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin down to the ring on RAW, it really seems like MVP is looking to get back into the Hurt Business business. While such a reunion likely won't happen until after the Elimination Chamber, as Lashley has a match booked with Brock Lesnar that he has to attend to first, MVP is already scouring the wrestling world to find a few more bodies to add to the Business' ranks and may have even hinted at a few potential recruits in an interview with Josh Martinez on the Superstar Crossover podcast.

“There’s a young man down in NXT who, unless you’re watching NXT, you might not be familiar with him, but a young man named Carmelo Hayes and Carmelo and Trick [Williams] are a couple of guys, they’re pretty tight,” MVP said via Fightful. “I always say Carmelo reminds me of a young MVP; the presence, the swagger, the confidence, and he’s somebody I would like to work with in the future, hopefully.”

Oh snap, after years of acknowledgment from afar, could MVP and Hayes, with Williams in toe, actually get into business together, be that in the Hurt Business or as a separate entity, a la his efforts managing Omas while he was still being booked like a star? With Hayes set to wrestle the most important match of his career at NXT Stand and Deliver, the results of that bout could give fans a clue about the futures of all three men.