When MVP, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin were all talking in the background during JBL's breakup with Baron Corbin, old-school WWE fans knew that something good was about to happen, and needless to say, they were right.

Walking down to the ring as a trio for the first time in what feels like forever, fans were treated to a visible reunion of three-quarters of the Hurt Business, the faction MVP has been desperately trying to reform with Brock Lesnar's next opponent, Bobby Lashley. Asked whether this on-screen team-up was the real deal or just for show by Byron Saxton on RAW Talk, Alexander and Benjamin asserted that this was just an example of old friends hanging out.

“Do you have brothers?” Benjamin asked of Saxton. “You know how sometimes brothers fight? Sometimes they don’t get along? Sometimes they have to step away from each other to really appreciate their relationship? We just kind of saw a glimpse of that. Tonight, MVP, he just kind of wanted to come down to the ring, hang out, check us out, have some fun, we got the win, we celebrated together, and it was just a great moment for three old friends.”

“It was nothing, we’re just three old friends having a great time, getting back on that same page, Alexander added. That’s it, that’s all it is.”

So this wasn't a Hurt Business reunion, as Saxton and oh so many fans wanted to see?

“Oh, we’re just good friends,” Alexander admitted. “Just good friends catching up, it’s all good. No, nothing to hide here.”

We'll see about that, Alexander.