The 2024 college realignment debacle has been all the buzz recently. This has taken away from the fact that college football returns in the gridiron and on-screens this month. With that, power rankings are back in order to rile fans up and benchmark the possible success of their alma maters and teams that they are rooting for. Rivalries will always take center stage in these conversations. Ryan Day's Ohio State football program will not like where they were seeded at the Top 25 Coaches Poll. Although, Jim Harbaugh and Michigan football may find delight in the rankings.

Ohio State football and Michigan football have always been one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports. Arenas sell out with a lot of people tailgating and spectating at home. This year will be no different but Coach Ryan Day may draw up schematics on the gridiron with a chip on his shoulder. They were ranked two spots below Jim Harbaugh's squad.

Jim Harbaugh managed to get the second spot with 1,510 points despite not having any first-place votes. Coach Day's Ohio State football program did get a singular vote for the top spot but only netted 1,485 points in the first poll. It won't be a nice sight for him or the team.

The other storyline is the dominance of the Bulldogs. Defending champions Georgia football remains atop of the standings with 1,643 points. They also got 61 first-place votes from the poll. This comes as no surprise as most of their winning squad is still intact despite the NFL Draft. Another dominant 15-wins and zero-loss campaign could be on the horizon for this team.

Will any of these three teams win it all come the College Football Playoffs?