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Oklahoma football news: Baker Mayfield apologizes to Ohio State

Someone was apparently offended by Baker Mayfield planting the Oklahoma flag in the middle of Ohio State’s field. How do we know this? Because the quarterback apologized for his actions on Monday.

As far as people outside of the Ohio State bubble are concerned, there wasn’t really anyone calling for Baker Mayfield to apologize. Maybe it was something done internally at Oklahoma, but that sure seemed like someone asked him to go up on the podium and express his deepest regrets.

This was a revenge game for Oklahoma last Saturday. Last season, the Ohio State Buckeyes celebrated on Oklahoma’s field after beating the Sooners.

As for the game itself, the Sooners scored 21 straight points on a trio of touchdowns to take a 31-13 lead in the middle of the fourth quarter that put the game out of reach. Mayfield, a 2016 Heisman Trophy finalist, accounted for two of those scores with a pair of touchdown passes.

For the game, the fifth-year senior passed 386 yards and three touchdowns in a 27-of-35 passing performance.

This isn’t fun. Having athletes apologize for taunting isn’t neat. Unless someone is out there eye-gouging or putting opponents in a Boston crab, there is no need for anyone to be sorry over having a little fun. While Ohio State fans might feel disrespected by what happened, they are unlikely so mad over it they wanted an apology.

Think about it logically: What is more fun — having a reason to hate the other team or watching the other team’s QB be sorry over nonsense?