WHAT. A. GAME. The Ole Miss Rebels' thrilling game against the LSU Tigers is an early candidate for the game of the year in the current college football season. After clawing back from a two-touchdown lead, the Rebels were able to fend off the Tigers to seal the victory. It was a match that perfectly encapsulated the hype in college football.

After the game, fans took to X to react. Many called this the game of the year, which is honestly valid. After all, both Ole Miss and LSU football combined for 104 points in a single game. 104! That's an insane total, especially in high-level college football.

Other watchers took this time to roast LSU for choking away their lead, and lamented the lack of defense. Both Ole Miss and LSU football's defense struggled to make stops during the entire game. In the end, the team that made the first stop won, as the Rebels denied the Tigers in the final possessions to secure the comeback.

It was a showcase of skill from the two young elite quarterbacks on the field. Jayden Daniels and Jaxson Dart both had strong performances for LSU and Ole Miss football, respectively. The way the game was going, whoever blinked first was going to lose. In the end, it was the Tigers that lost the staring contest, as the Rebels scored the final touchdown on a short pass to win the game.

Ole Miss will now move to 4-1 on the college football season. Next up is a contest against the Arkansas Razorbacks.