After spending six years on early access, the game is finally out. Learn more about the full release of the wacky and adorable world of Ooblets, along with a sneak peek at its gameplay and story.

Ooblets 1.0 was released on September 1, 2022, and can be bought for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox. and PC as an Epic Store exclusive.

Ooblets Gameplay

Ooblets's gameplay involves a cycle of farming, exploring, and dance-offs. The player has in their possession Ooblets, adorable creatures that have a skip on their step. These Ooblets are acquired through seeds that are planted on the player's farm. Once the seeds are fully grown, the player can harvest the Ooblet and include them in their collection. The player can also plant various food crops on their field. These can be used to either cook food for themselves, or to give to Ooblets so that they can be recruited.

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The player can also travel the land to solve the problems of various citizens they run across. The help the player can provide ranges from giving them an item they need, to fighting other people. There is, however, no actual fighting in this game. Instead, people use their Ooblets and participate in a dance battle. The dance battle resembles an energy-based card game. Players have to use their brains to dance their Ooblets to victory. After winning these dance battles, the player has a chance to get items from their Ooblets, as well as from their opponents.

There is so much more that the player can do in Ooblets. It is up to them to find out as they explore the bright and colorful land of Ooblets.

Ooblets Story

The story follows the player, tasked by the mayor to help out in various tasks around town. These tasks vary, but it mostly revolves around reconnecting the universe's version of the internet. As the player carries out more tasks, however, there seems to be more than meets the eye to these tasks. It is then up to the player to figure out just what exactly is going on and put a stop to it if needed.