The Oregon Ducks blew out the Colorado Buffaloes in a highly anticipated matchup last Saturday. Before the game, Oregon football head coach Dan Lanning made fiery comments to motivate his team.

“[We're] rooted in substance, not flash. Today, we talk with our pads. You talk with your helmet, every moment. The Cinderella story is over. They're fighting for clicks. We're fighting for wins. There's a difference. This game ain't gonna be played in Hollywood. It's going to be played on the grass,” Lanning said in his pregame speech.

Many analysts and fans have criticized Lanning for his words, as they seem to imply that Coach Deion Sanders and Colorado's main objective is attention and not winning football games. Despite the backlash, Lanning stands by what he said.

“I'm going to do everything I can to win the game and everything I can to motivate my team,” Lanning shared, via Rob Moseley of In addition, Moseley noted that Lanning appreciates how much attention Saturday's game received, which is a compliment to Sanders.

It is clear that Dan Lanning meant no disrespect towards Colorado. Rather, the Oregon football tactician aimed to inspire his team to play to win and dominate. That is precisely what the Ducks did. Colorado was scoreless for the first three halves of play. Oregon held the Buffaloes to one touchdown and put up 42 total points.

The Oregon football program is currently ranked ninth in the country and remains undefeated following Saturday's win against a rising Colorado team. It appears Lanning's speech invoked a competitive fire in the Ducks. Expect more passion from Coach Lanning as Oregon continues its dominance.