NFL Draft news: Oregon QB Justin Herbert wins Senior Bowl MVP
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Oregon QB Justin Herbert wins Senior Bowl MVP

Justin Herbert, Senior Bowl

The nation’s best seniors just finished their chance to impress NFL scouts with the Senior Bowl, and some names probably saw their draft stock increase. The person who benefited most from the Senior Bowl was Justin Herbert.

The Oregon quarterback had an impressive day outing during the Senior Bowl. Herbert finished with 83 passing yards on 9-for-12 passing accuracy. One of those passes was a 16-yard screen pass to Florida running back Lamical Perine that ended in a touchdown. He also managed to squeeze in a run that went for 19 yards that impressed scouts and fans who decided to tune in to the game.

Justin Herbert did all of that work in the first quarter alone, making his stat line all the more impressive. It’s easy to say now that Herbert is the de facto second-best quarterback in the draft behind LSU’s Joe Burrow. The only way he can hurt this draft stock at this point is if he messes up at the combine and his subsequent pro day.

Brian Callahan, the shot-caller for Herbert’s team and offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals, had nothing but kind words to say about Herbert’s potential in the NFL.

Per the Cincinnati Bengals:

“He’ll be a really good player in this league,” Callahan said. “He’s calm, he’s poised. He managed the offense and ran what we wanted him to do. It was a nice showing. He can run it. He can do that, he’s a really good athlete.”

The 2020 draft is shaping up to becoming an exciting class. Hopefully, Justin Herbert lands in a perfect situation that allows him to become the best pass-caller that he can be.