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Chargers: 3 reasons Los Angeles cannot afford to pass on Justin Herbert

The Los Angeles Chargers have the sixth pick in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. There are a lot of different directions they can go with that spot.

However, there is one thing that they have to do. If Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert is there, Los Angeles simply cannot afford to pass on him.

Here are three reasons why the Chargers cannot afford to pass on Herbert.

No More Philip Rivers?

Philip Rivers was drafted by the Chargers all the way back in 2004. He’s been their full-time starter 2006. In fact, he’s started every game for them since 2006.

However, Rivers might be gone. He’s a free agent. Even if he does return though, Los Angeles can’t count on him being around forever. The quarterback will be 38 for the 2020 season and had arguably his worst numbers ever last year. Retirement is likely close for Rivers.

The Chargers need a strategy for when Rivers is gone. Why not one of the best quarterback prospects in the draft this season? It makes a lot of sense.

Second Best QB Prospect This Year

Justin Herbert, Chargers, Oregon

Joe Burrow is the best quarterback prospect heading into the 2020 NFL Draft. Not many will dispute that. The rest is a bit more up for debate.

Justin Herbert is a better prospect than Tua Tagovailoa. That’s a bit of a controversial opinion, of course. However, a GM should be wary of drafting Tagovailoa.

Tagovailoa is very talented. He has some ridiculous injury concerns though. This is a quarterback that has had small knee problems. He’s also had serious injuries on both ankles and now had a serious hip injury that when it first occurred people thought it could end his career.

Do you know who else is talented? Extremely talented? Herbert.

Herbert has had his injuries too, but nothing like the past of Tagovailoa. For Herbert, it’s more of the classic bumps and bruises that quarterbacks deal with.

The Chargers will be looking for someone that can fill in the shoes of Rivers, a future Hall of Famer. Not only was Rivers fantastic throughout his career, but he was also consistent when it came to playing. As mentioned before, Rivers has played in all 16 games of each year since 2006.

Herbert gives them better odds of having a healthy franchise QB.

A Trade Won’t Be Worth It

Justin Herbert, Raiders, NFL Draft

There’s always the chance someone else wants Justin Herbert and tries to trade with the Chargers. They can swap first-round picks and give Los Angeles a few additional picks as well.

The Chargers need a quarterback though. A quarterback of the future. This is their best shot at that. Trading back could give them a few more picks to get a few additional pieces. They would be useless without a franchise QB to build around though.

Yes, there are QBs in future drafts they could go after as well, why bet on getting one of them when you might have a sure thing right here though? If the Chargers wait, there is every chance those QBs don’t perform up to snuff or Los Angeles doesn’t have the draft capital to get them.

A lot of teams have made the mistake of passing on a quarterback for a number of reasons. Los Angeles can’t do that here. This is their chance to keep the franchise from falling into obscurity for the next few years. They have to grab it.