The Baltimore Orioles got a great player at the trade deadline when they acquired Jack Flaherty. Flaherty, a product of the St. Louis Cardinals' system, was traded to Baltimore amid his previous team's season-long slump. Despite having a bit of a down year, the star is still ready to contribute to a winning team. Don't believe me? Well, his first message to his former coach Jared Halpert says all that you need to know (via The Baltimore Banner)

“I can’t wait to win,” the text message read.

Indeed, Flaherty will get to play for a team that has been much more successful this season. The Cardinals are hot garbage this season with every part of their roster falling apart at the seams. Flaherty isn't having a “bad” season, per se, but he's been playing way below the level that many know he can reach. With the Orioles, the pitcher is hoping he can work much better with better run support and a winning team.

The Orioles have one of the best bullpens in the league, boasting a lot of talented relievers. However, starting pitching is a bit of an issue for them. With the playoffs approaching and the team needing a solid rotation for that time, Baltimore traded for one of the pitchers available during the trade deadline. If Flaherty can play similar to his past form, the team will be very happy coming into the postseason.

How far can this Orioles team go in the playoffs? No one really expected them to be top contenders in the American League. Can they ride the hot streak all the way to the World Series?