The latest Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer gave us a peak at Ramattra, the upcoming Omnic Tank, and his abilities. Keep reading to learn more about what abilities this Ramattra has as seen on the trailer.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra Abilities

Let’s start off by talking about Ramattra’s two forms. Much like Bastion, Ramattra can switch between two forms, the Omnic form, and the Nemesis form. Each of these forms has its own roles and abilities, so proper use of these forms is a must. Ramattra starts off in his Omnic form and can switch to his Nemesis form by pressing LSHIFT (by default). Nemesis form lasts for 8 seconds and has an 8-second cooldown. Knowing when to switch forms could mean the difference between life and death for your team.

Whether you are in Omnic form or Nemesis form, Ramattra can use Ravenous Vortex, which by default is on your E key. Ravenous Vortex is a projectile that bounces off of walls, enemies, and slopes. Once it hits the ground, it activates, creating a large circle centered on where it lands. Enemies with the circle take damage and get slowed down. Not only that, but it also pulls enemies down. That means those on the ground can’t jump as high, while those in the air above the circle fall to the ground. This skill allows Ramattra to take down any pesky Pharah, Mercy, or Echo players while preventing Heroes like Winston from jumping away.

Omnic Form

Now, let’s have a look at each form’s unique abilities, starting with Omnic form. While in Omnic form, Ramattra uses a Void Accelerator, a staff that shoots out nanites. It is a projectile weapon with an ammo count of 100. This means that players have to lead their targets to make the nanites hit. The weapon itself does not have a damage falloff, so you will deal the same amount of damage with it whether your enemies are near or far. All you have to do is make sure it hits.

With the staff equipped, Ramattra can also use Void Barrier, by default bound to Right Mouse Click, or Mouse 2. This deploys a high-health shield, similar to Sigma’s barrier. Unlike Sigma’s barrier, however, the shield is only deployable on the ground. Players will see a line on the floor that shows where the shield will appear. Although the barrier has high health, it also has a relatively quick duration. Knowing when to use this shield to block off enemy attacks, or cut them off from their allies is something the player must master.

Nemesis Form

While in Nemesis form, Ramattra gains bonus armor, and his primary weapon changes to two large fists that appear from his back. His new primary attack, Pummel, launches short-range power waves with every swing. Think of it like when Zenyatta’s primary fire, except it shoots energy waves instead of balls. These energy waves may be short-range, but they can pierce through shields, barriers, and enemy Heroes. That means that if the enemies are in a line, Ramattra’s energy waves will hit most, if not all, of them. This is especially good when the enemy deploys shield tanks, as they become useless to Ramattra.

When he needs to defend himself, Ramattra holds the arms in front of him, similar to how a boxer block punches from the front. This reduces any damage that Ramattra receives from the front, and includes Hanzo and Torbjorn’s ultimate. The block also lowers Ramattra’s movement speed, so it won’t do to just have it up the whole time as your advance is slow. What’s important to note, however, is that the block has no cooldown. This means that Ramattra’s gameplay while in Nemesis form revolves around weaving in attacks in between blocks when needed, increasing his DPS.

Ramattra’s Ultimate

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Finally, let’s have a look at Ramattra’s Ultimate, Annihilation. When Ramattra uses his ultimate, he immediately enters Nemesis form and gains an aura around him similar to Zenyatta’s Transcendence. Unlike Transcendence, however, it deals continuous damage to all enemies inside of the aura. Also unlike, Transcendence, the ultimate doesn’t end after a set amount of time. Instead, it keeps going as long as enemies are close to Ramattra. That means that, theoretically, Ramattra can have his ultimate up until the whole enemy team is dead.

When there are no more enemies with the aura, the ultimate quickly dissipates, so Ramattra needs to stick close to his opponents to maximize the ult’s effects. This is effective in clearing out objectives or even just wiping out the enemy team. Either way, it is a strong ultimate, and something players will have to watch out for.

Players can check out the video below for a more detailed explanation of Ramattra’s abilities as seen in the gameplay trailer.

That’s all the information we have about Ramattra’s abilities from the Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer. Ramattra officially joins the Overwatch 2 roster when Season 2 starts on December 6, 2022. If you want to learn more about him, you can head on over here. For more gaming news from us, click here.