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Pacers news: Lance Stephenson concedes Damian Lillard is the best rapper in the NBA

lance stephenson

Lance Stephenson loves to drop some bars, but he thinks he isn’t the best in the NBA when it comes to rap. Instead, the Indiana Pacers guard believes another player is worthy of the title “Best Baller-Rapper.”

In an interview with Bleacher Report following the release of his latest track “Better Believe It,” Stephenson – who raps by the name BornReady – conceded that Damian Lillard is the top rapper in the league.

As reported by Brian Josephs of B/R, Stephenson said:

“I ain’t gonna lie, I like Damian Lillard. I actually got that song with him and Lil Wayne on my playlist. I don’t want it to be a battle going back and forth, but I definitely like Damian.”

This admission comes as a surprise considering that just two years ago, Stephenson claimed that he is the NBA’s best rapper and even dared other players to battle him on the mic.

In his cut titled “Check,” one of BornReady’s bars include: “Everybody know who the best baller-rapper is — BornReady. Who wanna battle? Let’s do it!”

Stephenson now seems to take a step back from that and added in the B/R interview that he doesn’t want to make it a battle.

However, his opinion of Lillard (AKA Dame D.O.L.L.A) as the league’s maestro when it comes to rap isn’t without basis as well. The Portland Trail Blazers star had a successful release of his album “The Letter O” last year and recently had a couple of his songs included in the NBA2K18 soundtrack.

A rap battle between BornReady and Dame D.O.L.L.A might now be off the table with this, but it should set the stage for a possible collaboration in the future – fans better believe it.