Packers: 3 reasons Aaron Rodgers needs to get some preseason playing time
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Aaron Rodgers, Packers

3 reasons Aaron Rodgers needs to get in some preseason playing time with the Packers

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are entering a completely new era of football in 2019. After years of running Mike McCarthy’s offense and winning one Super Bowl, the Packers made the move to fire him. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end at some point in time.

Now, the Packers have a new offensive minded head coach in Matt LaFleur. He comes from the Sean McVay coaching tree, which has surrounded him with a lot of intriguing from around the league. Getting to coach a quarterback like Rodgers in his first head coaching job is a dream come true, even if the media and outside noise says otherwise.

Green Bay has played two preseason games so far with the new head coach on the sidelines. Rodgers has been unable to play in those two games. He was expected to play last week, but ended up being scratched just before the game due to back tightness.

LaFleur and company have been very adamant that Rodgers is not dealing with a serious injury. They have also stated that getting Rodgers into preseason action isn’t a necessity.

While that may be true, there are three reasons to support the statement that Rodgers needs to get into a preseason game or two. Let’s dive in and take a look at those reasons.

Aaron Rodgers, Matt LaFleur, Packers

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Obviously, the preseason is all about practicing for the regular season. Some starters don’t play much, while other players get a lot of run. Rodgers is a long-term NFL veteran, but he could still use some practice to get up to full speed for the start of the regular season against the Chicago Bears.

The Packers have not looked even close to ready to take on a team like the Bears. Their chemistry is all over the place and they need their superstar quarterback on the field, even if it is just for a few drives. Rodgers and company will face an extremely tough defense in Week 1 and they need to be ready.

2. Experience Matt LaFleur’s New Offense

Next up, the Packers have installed a completely new system with LaFleur taking over the reigns. Getting reps in practice is one thing, but getting them in a game is a completely different story.

LaFleur is without question showing off a new and improved offense. Rodgers needs to get a helmet on and learn the system on the field. Experience is a major key when games actually matter and so far he has been unable to get any actual game experience.

Aaron Rodgers

1. Shut Up the Critics

Finally, Rodgers has gone through an offseason full of drama. From reports coming out that he had an issue with McCarthy to analysts saying he’s too injury prone and Green Bay should move on from him, it’s time for Rodgers to get on the field and start the process of shutting everyone up.

One preseason game isn’t going to fix everything, but it will start the process. Rodgers sitting out with “back tightness” has the media talking once again. Talk doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but seeing Rodgers take the field and have a solid debut under LaFleur would be sweet for Green Bay fans.