Jordan Love has gotten his fair share of criticism after inheriting Aaron Rodgers' title as the Green Bay Packers' starting quarterback throne. Recent losses have gotten tougher over time. But, he and Matt LaFleur choose to see the brighter side of things. In the loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he found a lot of things to improve on. This was despite their offense getting left in the dust by Jaylen Warren and his rushing corps and the opposing secondary torching them. He unveiled his takeaways from the loss, via Ryan Wood of USA Today.

“I definitely like the direction we’re heading as an offense,” was the declaration that the Packers quarterback made.

Jordan Love's style of play left a to be desired in this loss against the Steelers. His efficiency amounted to 21 completions despite attempting 40 passes. This may have brought the Packers 289 passing yards and two trips to the end zone. But, the biggest drawback was his two interceptions.

Things looked great for the Packers quarterback in the first half and third period. But, everything crumbled as Jaylen Warren and the Steelers' rushers proved to be too much for their secondary. Two field goals from Chris Boswell, one in the third and the other during the fourth, placed a painful dot in the hopes of the Packers offense.

Matt LaFleur's squad would not be able to recover or even score a single point in the fourth quarter to respond. Will they be able to shake things up in the clutch against the Los Angeles Chargers in their next matchup?