Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love is tasked with taking over from a franchise legend. Super Bowl winner, multiple MVP seasons. Who better to get advice from then the man he is replacing in the lineup — Aaron Rodgers.

“Now he gets to figure out the kind of leader that he wants to be to the guys, and he has all the clout as a starting quarterback now. So, it’s just like I told him, just be yourself.” That was the advice Rodgers passed on to Love, per Sports Illustrated's Packer Central.

Of course, Rodgers knows all about filling big shoes in the Packers locker room. He famously sat behind Brett Favre for three seasons before being handed the reins. Love followed the same path, serving as Rodgers' backup for three seasons. Now, he gets his shot.

Rodgers assured his successor that, because NFL rosters experience so much churn nowadays, Love would have no problem making the team his own.

“Not a lot of those guys played with me for a lot of years. It’s a really young team. So, there’s not like this deep-seated group of four or five guys that were with me for so long… So, it’s never going to feel like this overwhelming sense of, ‘How do I fill this guy’s shoes?'”

Another point Rodgers stressed to Love was to not get overwhelmed by the responsibility.

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“The shoes are never as big as you think they are. The mantle is never as heavy as you think it is. The crown is heavy of being the leader, but it’s not like living up to these expectations or whatever it might be around who I was or what I did. It’s all about him and what he’s doing and how he’s going to lead, and he’ll be just fine.”

Love's cameo last season filling in for an injured Rodgers, plus his 2023 preseason performances, has the veteran convinced Love is well on his way, as long as he doesn't try to be anyone else.

“He doesn’t have to be anybody but Jordan Love. Nobody plays Jordan Love better than Jordan Love, so he’s going to be fine.”