Jordan Love and Aaron Rodgers were set up to be adversaries when the Green Bay Packers drafted the former. Although using a high draft pick on a quarterback played a part in Rodgers' relationship with the Packers fracturing, he took a liking to Love during their time together.

As Love prepares to take over Rodgers' spot as the Packers' starter, Rodgers had plenty of good things to say about him. It's a big endorsement that instills hope within Green Bay as their former franchise cornerstone moves on to the New York Jets.

Love was forced into an awkward situation but in the end, it wasn’t so bad. He enjoyed Rodgers' company over the past two seasons, according to Matt Verderame of Sports Illustrated. The two quarterbacks bonded over Game of Thrones and Love learned firsthand the importance of consistency.

“We’ve talked since the trade happened,” Love said, via Sports Illustrated. “He’s a busy man, so we’re not talking all the time, but it was a good conversation, both wishing each other luck. I think it was important, us staying in contact, staying together. He let me know if I ever need anything, he’s there for me, his phone is open, I can ask. But pretty much wished each other luck going forward.”

The Packers opted to draft Rodgers' replacement while he was still one of the better quarterbacks in football, resulting in a trade standoff after Rodgers had decided he was done. Love got two years to learn under Rodgers and got some NFL experience here and there. Green Bay's roster isn’t superb, leaving him with a ton of responsibility in his first year as the full-time starter.

Although there will be a lot of proving to do, Love and the Packers feel good about the 2023 season. The playoffs may not be within reach but it will take time for both him and the team to grow. Rodgers is leaving the rebuild behind as he looks to be the jolt that gets the Jets to take off into the postseason.

Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love will always be connected with one another and fortunately seem to have a pretty solid relationship. The faces of the Packers' past and present/future have reciprocal respect for one another.