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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers’ brutally honest take on ever playing for the Bears

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Chicago Bears fans hate Aaron Rodgers. Not that the Green Bay Packers quarterback said anything bad about the franchise, but the years of heartbreak he has given them are more than what they could bear. With that said, it’s only natural that the idea of playing for the team he has tormented has never come to Rodgers’ mind.

Ahead of the Packers’ Week 6 showdown with the Bears on Sunday, Rodgers was asked if he could ever see himself playing in Windy City. Unsurprisingly, the 37-year-old responded with a firm no. However, he did say he enjoys playing in the city–perhaps because he has won there more often than not.

“I’ve always enjoyed the city, enjoyed the fans, even though they haven’t enjoyed me,” Rodgers said when asked about Chicago, per Matt Schneidman of The Athletic.

When asked about possibly playing for the Bears, he answered: “No. No. It’s just not gonna happen.”

Ever since Aaron Rodgers became the full-time starter of the Packers in 2008, he is 18-5 against the Bears–which means it has been over a decade since he has began coming in the nightmares of the people in Chicago. No wonder why the fans have never liked Green Bay visiting them.

However, it is worth noting that some fans had the thought of trading for Rodgers when he and the Packers were in some sort of a drama during the offseason. While most expressed their happiness that Rodgers could be moving out of the NFC North, others had pondered about the idea of the reigning MVP donning orange and navy.

Of course that didn’t happen and Bears fans have to endure another year facing Rodgers. Chicago fans are surely hoping things will be different this time, even though the Packers are on a roll after four straight wins.