With the Green Bay Packers dropping to 4-7 after Thursday's loss to the Tennessee Titans, Aaron Rodgers knows very well they no longer have any room for mistakes.

The Packers have only six games left this 2022 season, and with their current record, they need to win their remaining matches to have a chance to make it to the playoffs. Rodgers believes they have the talent to do so, but the question is whether they can tap that potential they have to stage a massive turnaround.

“If we play up to our potential, we can win our last six games,” Rodgers said in a massive challenge for the Packers, per Rob Demovsky of ESPN.

Of course Aaron Rodgers noted that the same goes for him. He struggled mightily against the Titans, and so if he wants the Packers to stay undefeated from here on out, he can't afford to commit the same mistakes he did on Thursday night.

The Packers' final six matches won't be easy. In Week 12 alone, they'll be facing the top-ranked Philadelphia Eagles that just suffered their first loss of the campaign in the past week. They also have scheduled games against the Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins, both of which are well poised to make the postseason after dominating their respective divisions.

A tough road definitely awaits the Packers, but they have no choice but to embrace the challenge and go all-out to win. If not, it could spell the end for their postseason dreams.