Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were part of one of, if not the biggest shockers in the opening weekend of the new season. Unfortunately for them, the Packers were on the wrong side of an embarrassing demolition job at the hands of the New Orleans Saints.

It's no secret that Aaron Rodgers' current situation with the teams has brought about a lot of drama in and around the entire organization. However, Packers head coach Matt LeFleur refuses to use this issue as a scapegoat for Sunday's shellacking:

“No, I think this team’s focused on now,” LaFleur said, via Mike Florio of NBC Sports. “And unfortunately, sometimes in this league you get humbled. And certainly we got humbled. Like I said, it’s about how we respond to that. How we come back to work. How we stay together. And get ready to play against a team I know is gonna be really hungry coming in here.”

LeFleur is doing his best bit not to throw the Packers' superstar quarterback under the bus here. This is the last thing Green Bay wants to do despite how Rodgers pretty much did exactly that to the Packers not too long ago. For what it's worth, the reigning league MVP did do a u-turn and is now dawning the colors of Green Bay, but you can't help but ask — at what cost?