The Green Bay Packers made the sudden decision to part ways with head coach Mike McCarthy following the disappointing Week 13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

There had been no previous inkling that the Packers were going to come to that decision during the season, but it is a move that has nonetheless shifted things dramatically around the organization. It was also a move that the players only knew from their social media timelines and TV reports, according to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

This is certainly something that the Packers' front office had kept quiet about over the last several weeks and had made a swift decision likely after the direction that the team has continued to head this season. There are clearly some sort of persistent issues offensively that need to be addressed that the team felt a change at the top was needed in order to shift things back into the right direction not just this season but beyond it.

What this also signals is that there were some lingering issues that had become prominent between both sides in the process that the team felt it was in their best interest to move on. It is a tough choice to let go of an accomplished coach that has taken the team to the playoffs in nine of his first 11 full seasons, along with four trips to the NFC championship game and a Super Bowl win. This is what made the choice to move on from him during the season that much more surprising given that the Packers already had a tough uphill battle to get into the playoffs before their loss to the Cardinals.

Beyond that, this was clearly a decision-making process from the Packers' front office that not even the players had a sense was going to happen at this point in time.