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Baker Mayfield, Rashard Higgins berated by Matt Rhule over TD celebration at Panthers’ practice

Panthers, Matt Rhule, Baker Mayfield, Rashad Higgins

Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule wants spirits to be high ahead of the upcoming season. However, he also isn’t a huge fan of taunting during practice. And according to Panthers beat writer Ellis L. Williams, that is exactly what happened at a recent Panthers’ scrimmage.

Baker Mayfield fired a deep touchdown pass to receiver Rashard Higgins. The offense was reportedly “geeked” and Higgins was flagged for taunting. However, it is safe to say that Rhule didn’t care for Higgins’ actions. The Panthers coach yelled at everyone and halted practice. He then made everybody run.

This isn’t typically the kind of story you hear about in the NFL. You might hear about something similar on your local high school football team… but not all that often in professional football. Sure, players get flagged all of the time for taunting during games. But Rashard Higgins got in trouble for taunting during a scrimmage.

Nonetheless, Baker Mayfield seems to be fitting in well with the offense. He is the favorite to win the quarterback battle over Sam Darnold. There is a very real chance that we see a Mayfield resurgence in Carolina this year.

Despite the antics during practice, Matt Rhule has to be pleased with his offense’s progress. If Mayfield can continue connecting with receivers, the Panthers are going to be a force this year. The run game is already set with Christian McCaffrey leading the charge. Christian McCaffrey will play a pivotal role in the Panthers’ offensive attack as long as he stays healthy this year.

Carolina is clearly ready to roll.