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Christian McCaffrey reveals secrets to new plan to stay healthy for Panthers

Christian McCaffrey, Panthers

Carolina Panthers superstar running back Christian McCaffrey endured an injury-plagued 2021 season. When healthy, he’s arguably the best running back in football. His combination of size, speed, and strength makes him almost impossible to tackle. But as any NFL player knows, staying healthy is the key. McCaffrey recently revealed his new plan to stay healthy in an interview with NFL insider Josina Anderson.

“You gotta adapt or die,” McCaffrey said. “I’ve tried to adjust some things here and there that become a little bit more sustainable, little bit better for me on my body… I flirted with a lot of stuff early in the year last year what I think makes me feel the best. But the thing about football is it is a constant adjustment. You are getting hit from all different angles all the time.”

Christian McCaffrey clearly wants to make adjustments after dealing with injuries. After playing 16 games consecutively from 2017-2019, the star Panthers running back has played all of 10 games over the past two seasons.

McCaffrey then commented on what he is doing to improve balance and flexibility.

“I think as you get older, your body is kind of set in stone,” he said. “You need to maintain, you need to be fresh every single day. Like you said, it’s definitely an emphasis on the flexibility, the explosiveness, the rest, and treatment and all of that stuff. Doing gymnastics, different things to prepare my body for the load of the season.”

For all of the discussion surrounding the Panthers’ QB situation, Christian McCaffrey is the most important player for the offense.