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Panthers introducing ‘virus-killing’ robot to roam around stadium


It seems that the Carolina Panthers have their own way of making sure fans in attendance of their games along with players are safe. The club is in the process of making preparations to allow fans back in the stadium at their home games, starting with their Week 4 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

According to CNBC’s Jabari Young, the Panthers have partnered with Xenex, a San Antonio-based company that manufactures the Xenex LightStrike robot, a machine that can detect and terminate the bacteria that causes COVID-19 on any surface. The robot reportedly costs $125,000 per unit.

The Panthers won’t allow a huge capacity of fans in the stadium this year. They’ve been reluctant to allow fans in stadiums due to the current COVID-19 levels in Carolina. They will get their first look at the robot in use more than likely against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Panthers are currently 1-2 and are 3rd in the NFC South Conference. With the New Orleans Saints underperforming and the Atlanta Falcons a ways off from catching up, Carolina will look to gain traction on increasing their winning difference in the conference.

They’ll have their hands full with the Cardinals, however. Quarterback Kyler Murray has been stellar so far this season. His budding co-star in wideout DeAndre Hopkins has had similar outings to that of Murray so far as well. Paired with veteran wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, the Cardinals possess a dangerous offense capable of generating many touchdowns in a short span of time.

The Panthers will be depending on quarterback Teddy Bridgewater along with wideout Robby Anderson to step up in the absence of halfback Christian McCaffrey.