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Panthers QB Cam Newton reacts to being benched in blowout defeat to Dolphins

Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton, Matt Rhule

After a standout start in his return to the Carolina Panthers, quarterback Cam Newton had his fair share of struggles in his team’s Week 12 road loss to the Miami Dolphins.

The Panthers offense once again faced stout difficulties in stringing together multiple touchdown drives over a game. Newton led Carolina to a mere one touchdown drive against the Dolphins, as the offense averaged a lowly 3.7 yards per play. This led to Panthers head coach Matt Rhule opting to bench Newton over the second half in favor of backup quarterback P.J. Walker.

In speaking after the game, Newton was straightforward on just where it went wrong in his third game with Carolina this season.

“So from an offensive perspective, what I can speak on, we weren’t good enough to sustain enough drives, too many three and outs and protecting the football,” Newton said. “And anytime you can’t do that, it’s going to be tough.”

The Panthers will have their bye week coming in Week 14, which Newton plans on using the time off to become more familiar with the team’s offensive scheme and game-planning.

“I would take this time to really dive into the whole offense,” Newton said. “I think today it really got exposed because of the situation, and not having a full grasp.

“But it’s not nobody to blame more so than just the situation that I came into. So having this week to kind of self-scout, so to speak, and really dive into the root of what this offense is about and that’s what I plan on doing.”

The Panthers sure have plenty of work to do in order to inch closer to a playoff spot in the NFC, as they currently hold the No. 11 seed in the conference.