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Panthers safety Eric Reid blasts new proposed CBA once again

Eric Reid, Panthers

Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid has not been bashful about speaking his mind concerning the new proposed CBA that players are set to vote on, which among other items, would see the league increase its regular season schedule to 17 games. Reid’s Twitter account has been a recent stream of information concerning where he and others stand on the matter.

In addition, Reid has been critical of components of the proposed CBA that would see a reduction in benefits for former players who sustained on-field injuries and are in need of that income during retirement.

Toss in that the league is also dealing with the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic, and the league finds itself in the midst of quite a contentious moment. While there are many dominoes dropping all around the sports world, the CBA, should it pass, would deliver changes to the NFL season as it’s currently known, not to mention the off-the-field lives of many current and former players.

Reid, a vocal supporter of former teammate Colin Kaepernick, is coming off an enormous season of production with the Panthers, having set new career highs with 130 tackles and four sacks. He started all 16 regular-season games for the first time since 2015; but the question becomes, will he have to try and suit up for 17 as soon as next year?

The players will have until Saturday night at midnight ET to make their collective voices heard, but the idea that Reid has proposed of unity in the vote seems far from being the case.