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Panthers’ Tre Boston reveals what has impressed him about Matt Rhule

Tre Boston, Matt Rhule, Panthers

The Carolina Panthers elected to make Matt Rhule their next head coach after moving on from Ron Rivera. Despite Rhule being with the team since January, he’s already caught the eye of veteran safety Tre Boston.

Amid a conversation with NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport on the Rapsheet + Friends podcast, Boston explained what he’s liked thus far from Rhule with the Panthers:

“I think this guy has an edge to him. I think he has a certain ‘it’ that coaches have to have,” Boston told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport on the Rapsheet + Friends podcast. “I’m excited to see him more in person with the guys, because right now, I think he started with a nice lead because he has a nice momentum going in between how he’s treated us, how he’s respected us, how he respects our time. That means a lot to professionals and men, adults, as well. So, I think Rhule has set himself up for success with his men. We trust him. We believe in him. And when we get together, it’s all about building chemistry and knowing that we are the Carolina Panthers and we’re gonna do what it takes to win ballgames around here.”

Of course, the offseason has been an unusual one during the coronavirus pandemic. Teams have been forced to conduct virtual offseason programs, making it tougher for newer coaches to build a relationship with their players.

Nevertheless, Boston — who re-signed with the Panthers this offseason — believes that Rhule can help Carolina have plenty of success moving forward.

While Boston and the other players haven’t been able to have many in-person interactions with Rhule, they’ll get a chance to during training camp.