Patrick Beverly of the Houston Rockets doesn't believe all players in the NBA are treated equally by the officials.

While watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Beverly witnessed, along with the rest of us, Matthew Dellavadova taking what could be interpreted as a cheap shot to Warriors forward Andre Igoudala‘s groin, with no real consequence.

Beverly quickly took to Twitter, making a subtle suggestion that things would've gone down differently had he been the culprit.

Beverly stopped short of saying anything more, likely because the NBA would fine him for any comments that they deem inappropriate, and what's the point in taking a fine during a series he's not participating in?

Beverly developed a reputation as a dirty player in the past, mostly due to a play where Thunder guard Russell Westbrook's meniscus was torn, and required surgery.

To be fair, Dellavadova has also gained a reputation as a guy who tends to get a little too chippy on the defensive side of the ball.

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