Professor X, Patrick Stewart, may or may not return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he said in an Etalk interview.

When Stewart was asked about his possible return as Professor Charles Xavier in a future MCU film, he replied, “I cannot put it to rest because it's not a fact either for or against. It's a possibility.”

“Hugh Jackman and I looked upon Logan as being our farewell. Given that I died in that film, although I've been told I've actually died several times already,” he added.

That's not a no… nor is it a yes. However, there have been rumors that he might join Jackman in next year's Deadpool. Stewart's name has also been bandied about for Avengers: Secret Wars.

Sir Patrick Stewart first played the Professor in 2000's X-Men. He's been the Professor for the subsequent X-Men or X-Men adjacent movies, one of them an uncredited cameo for 2013's The Wolverine. His last outing as Charles was in 2022's Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

While the host and Stewart, separately agreed that he could definitely return, there are no confirmations from Marvel.

However, the English actor had teased earlier in the year that he'd been told to stand by.

“I know nothing more than that, honest,” he walked back.

It's not inconceivable for Sir Patrick's Professor X to make a comeback. With MCU's plans up in the air due to some upheavals, it would be great to see the acclaimed actor reprise his role as the X-Men founder.

As Stewart said in the interview, “Know that and you could get lucky.”

Deadpool 3 will be released in theaters on July 26, 2024.