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Patriots coach Bill Belichick doesn’t give a crap about your fantasy football team

Patriots, Bill Belichick, Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is just one of the reasons why the NFL is king in the United States. Don’t tell that to New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

In classic Belichick fashion, the Patriots head coach told reporters at training camp on Thursday that he doesn’t give a crap about fantasy football: “Fantasy football doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Of course it doesn’t!

This makes perfect sense given the Patriots’ running back situation over the years has frustrated fantasy football owners. And we know Belichick is all business, so why would he care about fantasy football when he has real Super Bowls to win?

It’s fun to think about Belichick having a fantasy football team, though, and just what kind of manager he would be. Would he obsess over his lineup decisions every week? Would he be the annoying trade guy? Would he always be the first guy to hit the waiver wire? So many questions!

But, again, the Patriots coach doesn’t have time for that. He’s trying to get New England back to glory. The Patriots returned to the playoffs last season with rookie quarterback Mac Jones at the helm after missing out in 2020, but they got walloped by the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card Round. With Jones heading into Year 2, Belichick’s club is hoping to take a step forward.

Jones having a big season (both for real and in fantasy football) would go a long way toward that happening, and we’ll see how things play out for the Patriots in 2022.