As Mac Jones was a bit open about his relationship with Bill Belichick on Wednesday, the head coach was in usual form when asked about how things stand between him and his quarterback.

The New England Patriots coach opted to keep things close to the vest when he was asked his thoughts on Jones saying their relationship was “good” at a press conference on Thursday.

“Yeah, I’ll keep all my conversations between the players private,” Belichick said. “For respect for the players.”

Belichick co-signed Jones' sentiment though when asked if what the quarterback said was true.

“Yeah, again, I’m good with all players on the team,” Belichick said. “Absolutely.”

Belichick even admitted that if he didn't have a good relationship with Jones or any other player on his team, they simply wouldn't be playing for the Patriots.

“I have trust in all the players we have on our team,” Belichick said. “If I didn’t, they wouldn’t be here.”

If you recall, there was some reported tension between Belichick and Jones during the 2022 season that didn't become known until during the offseason. The root of the possible tension went back to Belichick's decision to make Matt Patricia the offensive play-caller and Joe Judge the quarterbacks coach, according to multiple reports.

Jones wasn't shy in showing his frustration with the coaching staff in multiple games late in the season, expressing his disappointment with a couple of profane-laden outbursts toward Patricia on multiple occasions. Jones even sought outside help at one point during the year, which upset Belichick when he found out, according to Pro Football Talk.

Of course, Jones didn't play too well, either. He threw for 2,997 yards, 14 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 14 games as he and the rest of the Patriots' offense took a notable step back in 2022.

As the Patriots are looking to rebound from the 8-9 season, which saw them rank 26th in overall offense and 32nd in red zone efficiency, Jones expressed a willingness to turn the page with training camp underway and with Bill O'Brien now at offensive coordinator.

“I think the biggest thing that we've all talked about is just having a fresh start,” Jones said Wednesday. “I think there's a lot of learning experiences from last year that we've talked about and this year, it's all about just working together, right?”