Patriots news: Bills' Preston Brown open to joining New England
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Bills’ Preston Brown open to joining Patriots in NFL free agency

Bill Belichick, Patriots

Buffalo Bills linebacker Preston Brown is set to become a free agent in a few weeks. He hasn’t indicated whether he intends on leaving Buffalo. But he has stated that there is one place he wouldn’t mind going—to the Dark Side, aka the New England Patriots.

The Patriots have poached talent from the Bills in the past. Often when they do, that player goes on to become a star. In a recent article by the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe, Brown talked about watching his former teammates finding success with the Patriots:

“It’s a little weird. I’m not going to sit here and lie like, ‘Oh well.’ You’re happy for them, but you’re also like, all right, every time somebody goes to the Patriots, they’re going to the Pro Bowl or the Super Bowl. It’s something you feel… It’s something you look at like, wow, those guys are having success. But the Patriots, they definitely seem to get the best out of the Buffalo Bills.”

Hearing this should make the Patriots front office jump for joy. With how the defense struggled to stop the run last year, they need help linebacker. A guy like Brown who led the league in tackles last season (144) would be perfect.

The question will be whether the New England is going to be willing to pay the price to get him. projects his market value to be $33.8 million over four years. Players have been known to take less to play with the Patriots to get a shot at the Super Bowl. But then again, Brown made just $4 million over the last four years.

He’s going to want to want to get paid.