The New England Patriots parted ways with two of their top wide receivers from the 2017 NFL season. As good as Brandin Cooks was for the team, it goes without saying that fans were saddened to see Danny Amendola sign with the Miami Dolphins this offseason.

It is clear that the feeling is mutual with Amendola after spending the past five seasons in New England. However, according to Mike Reiss of ESPN, he admitted that playing for head coach Bill Belichick proved to be a rather daunting task at times:

“It’s not easy, that’s for sure. He’s an a–hole sometimes,” Amendola said. “There were a lot of things I didn’t like about playing for him, but I must say, the things I didn’t like were all in regards to getting the team better, and I respected him. I didn’t like practicing in the snow, I didn’t like practicing in the rain, but that was going to make us a better football team and that was going to make me a better football player. It wasn’t easy, and he’d be the first to admit, at the [Super Bowl] ring ceremony, that it wasn’t easy playing for him. The silver lining was that we were at the ring ceremony.”

Amendola's comments should hardly come as any surprise. Belichick is known for his stern demeanor when it comes to all matters dealing with football. Amidst the success the Patriots have enjoyed the past two decades, there has always been a spotlight on how hard Belichick pushes his team. This approach has even drawn its fair share of debate recently after Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson said their team had “more fun” than the Patriots.

Regardless, there is no question that the Belichick way has been the catalyst behind their status as legitimate championship contenders every year. That said, it seems Amendola is now looking forward to settling down just a little bit after moving south far away from any snow.