Patriots news: Kyle Van Noy jokes that he'll get revenge on Bill Belichick
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Patriots LB Kyle Van Noy jokes that he’ll get revenge on Bill Belichick for paintball incident

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Bill Belichick got the best of Kyle Van Noy earlier this offseason, and now the linebacker wants to get even. The team took part in a paintball match, and Belichick landed a headshot on his star defender.

During an appearance on NFL Network on Wednesday, Van Noy leaned into the incident and joked that he was plotting comeuppance for his coach.

I’ll get my revenge,” Van Noy said. “It’ll be during fall camp somehow. I’ll have to plan something good. He probably doesn’t even know he shot me. It was good, but I’ll get him back, though. He just doesn’t know when it will come.”

Van Noy had better hope Belichick wasn’t watching NFL Network.

The player also touched on several other topics during his interview, including players he looked up to as a kid, the toughest guy to tackle, his favorite career moment and others.

He also spoke on the legacy of talented linebackers to play in New England, and how he sees himself upholding the tradition. Players such as Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel and others all had successful careers there. Now, Van Noy simply hopes to keep the legacy alive.

“They set the standard. They call it the “Backer-hood.” We’re just trying to continue the legacy,” he said. “It dates back to even the guys like Lawrence Taylor. They went through it under Bill, so they understand. It’s not easy, that’s for sure, and some days are better than others, but it’s rewarding.”