Patriots news: Robert Kraft says there's no issue with Tom Brady's contract
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Patriots owner Robert Kraft says there’s no issue with Tom Brady’s contract

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The New England Patriots have historically worked on the schedule of extending quarterback Tom Brady’s contract when it rolls down to two years left. Brady’s current deal is now down to two years, but there has not been much talk of the Patriots offering him that regularly-scheduled extension.

But as Jeff Howe of The Athletic reports, Patriots owner Robert Kraft says that Brady’s contract is a non-issue at this point in time so there’s no reason to do anything about it.

“He’ll be 41 when the season starts,” Kraft said. “Neither side has an issue with it. If it becomes an issue, we’ll deal with it.”

As Howe notes, Brady has seen his contract extended four out of five times when it has had just two years left. The lone exception was when Brady was coming back from an ACL injury.

Brady has stated in the past that he wants to keep playing into his mid-40s. And after putting together a remarkable MVP-winning season last year at age 40, it seems he may still have a lot left in the tank. Kraft certainly hopes Brady continues playing on, although he acknowledges that Brady also has his family to consider.

“I hope he plays,” Kraft said. “He’s at a different point in his life. He talked about it. It’s interesting to see that Tom vs. Time and see where he’s at, his kids growing up. But that is something for he and his family to decide what is right for him.”

After everything Brady’s done for the Pats, no one would blame Kraft if he decided to keep Brady under contract for as long as he wants to keep playing. But it may ultimately be up to Brady if he really wants to follow through on his plan to play a handful more years.