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Patriots QB Tom Brady won’t do an ‘excessive amount’ of blocking or receiving says Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Patriots, AFC East

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has not only been a quarterback the last few weeks but has also found himself trying to throw a block and even caught a pass from Julian Edelman. The Patriots have tried to throw a few wrinkles with Brady, but it’s not something that coach Bill Belichick would like to see too much of.

Belichick was asked in a conference call with media if he was concerned about the added risk of injury with Brady running these different plays.

“I think we’re certainly aware of that, but there’s certain things that I think you have to do sometimes to win the game — and if quarterback sneaks in short-yardage, something like that where the quarterback’s going to get hit on a play like that, but it’s an important play and he’s very good at it,” Belichick said via Pro Football Talk. “So, yeah, we’ll just have to evaluate those things going forward. Not looking to do an excessive amount of them, that’s for sure, but if there’s a situational play or something that comes up, then I think we’d consider it. But, I mean, look, it’s a contact sport out there. Quarterbacks get hit in the pocket and quarterbacks scramble and a lot of people converge on them in a hurry. So, nobody knows that better than Tom does.”

Belichick does like to throw a wrinkle or two into the offense once in a while, but he also knows how important Brady is to the team, and that is not something he is willing to risk. I wouldn’t expect the team to continue to run too many more likes like the ones from the last few weeks, but if it means getting an important first down, it’s probably something the team will continue to consider.