The New Orleans Pelicans have clinched a spot in the postseason after a rousing win over the L.A. Clippers on Monday night. Yet, if head coach Alvin Gentry could have done anything differently, it's winning more games to give his star forward Anthony Davis a shot at winning the Most Valuable Player award.

“The only thing I'm disappointed in — I think if we could have had a better record, if we could have been in the runnings where we're going to play at home and [win] 50-plus games, I think his name would definitely be in the MVP running,” said Gentry, according to ESPN's Jovan Buha. “When you have guys like Harden and what they've done, I think it's hard for anyone to not to vote for Harden for MVP right now. But obviously LeBron James and what he has done is very impressive too. … I mean, we lost a guy that was averaging 26 and 12 [DeMarcus Cousins]. And then for Anthony to kind of take this team and put it on his back and do what he's done.”

Davis posted some mesmerizing numbers in February, along with Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard — yet Harden has been doing so from the start to the season to the very end, making a fault-less case for the MVP.

Harden has also come close in 2015 and 2017, losing to Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook, respectively — a side aspect that is bound to have some influence in the voters' minds when the ballots arrive.