Despite taking the number one spot in the East last season, the Philadelphia 76ers fell short of winning it all. While their early playoff exit was due to a confluence of factors, what stands out the most is Ben Simmons' lack of initiative. This is still an ongoing issue that the team is working on. Will he continue donning the 76ers jersey? Or will both parties iron things out? Nevertheless, in this specific piece, it's our Philadelphia 76ers 2021 NBA Draft Grades for every pick post.

Amid everything, the 76ers were able to snag three decent picks from the NBA Draft. Since they're a contending team, it would be hard to imagine these rookies getting some ample playing time this season. The 76ers are a pretty stacked team full of veterans. Nevertheless, if Doc Rivers decides to field them, will they make an immediate impact strong enough to be in the regular rotation? Will they fill in the apparent weaknesses in the 76ers game? More importantly, will these incoming rookies help the team to the promised land? Let's find out.

Philadelphia 76ers 2021 NBA Draft Grades

28th pick Jaden Springer: B

Springer may stand just 6-foot-4 with a 6-foot-6 wingspan, but don't let this deceive you one bit. The Tenessee combo guard is surprisingly strong, an asset he utilizes pretty well on both ends of the floor. On offense, he can bully his way to the ring even against much taller defenders. Meanwhile, he can lock down his foes as he can act like a stonewall at times coupled with his lateral quickness. Obviously, he needs to develop a bit more strength as he will be facing the big boys. But it's impossible not to be impressed with Springer's strength especially since he's just 19-years-old.

However, Springer may have disregarded other aspects of his game such as his handles and decision-making. As for one, he averaged 2.9 assists to 2.4 turnovers last season. Yes, Springer is a combo guard and he won't be given the keys to orchestrate the offense. But taking care of the ball is a very fundamental aspect of the game. He needs to master this if he wants to make a great impact.

50th pick Filip Petrusev: B+

What stands out the most from Filip Petrusev's game is his ability to be effective in pick-and-roll situations. The 6-foot-11 Serbian knows how to move, has good hands, and can finish well in traffic. Like most big men from Europe, Petrusev has that footwork well-intact in his arsenal. What's interesting about Filip Petrusev is that in his two-year stint with Gonzaga, his outside touch was nowhere to be found. He shot just 26.8 from deep (on just 0.6 attempts per game) in two seasons which could be a by-product of Gonzaga's offensive playsets.

With Mega Basket of the Adriatic League, Petrusev boosted his 3-point percentage to 41.9 percent on 3.0 attempts per game. This may be Petrusev's biggest asset. He will complement Joel Embiid's interior presence very well. It's easy to imagine Embiid getting pounced on by several defenders. Since Embiid has developed passing from the post, it would be easy for him to spot a wide-open Petrusev.

However, 76ers fans won't see this pairing in the upcoming season. Though Petrusev is in the Summer League (where he's averaging 2.0 blocks per game), the Serbian reportedly signed a deal with Anadolu Efes Istanbul in Turkey. Nevertheless, Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey noted that Petrusev is someone who can help them down the line.

Philadelphia 76ers 2021 NBA Draft Grades Continued

53rd pick Charles Bassey: B+

Charles Bassey averaged a monstrous 3.1 blocks per game last season with Western Kentucky, along with an equally impressive 17.6 points and 11.6 points per game. It would be difficult for him to maintain his points and rebounding output. His scoring needs a lot of polish. Despite being massive, Bassey has trouble finishing in contact. He should be given some props for working on his outside jump shot. From just 1.2 attempts from deep in his sophomore year, he raised it up to 2.1 attempts (30.5 percent). He might need ample time to refine his shooting mechanics. But there's a clear willingness to improve in this department which is always a plus.

In terms of defense, 76ers fans can expect the big man to make an immediate impact. It's understandable to say that Andre Drummond is the replacement of Dwight Howard. Both players have a monstrous presence on the paint. However, Drummond isn't really a shot blocker, nor does he possess the defensive IQ of Howard. This is where Bassey can fill in that void. Some have even compared him to Clint Capela. And NBA fans know how valuable Capela has been to the Houston Rockets as well as with the Atlanta Hawks.

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