Andre Drummond has been working on his 3-point shooting during this summer, recently showing it during a 3-point contest with Detroit Pistons teammate Blake Griffin during USA Basketball's minicamp in Las Vegas.

While seeing two big men in a shootout might have seemed rather comical compared to the one-on-one wars between Paul George, Kevin Durant, and Devin Booker, the Pistons center argued he was completely serious about his long-range shooting, saying he won't do something on the court just for the sake of doing so, according to Joseph Casciaro of theScore.

“I make at least 200 corner 3s every day before I leave the gym. I'm getting them up. I'm getting the same shot up over and over again, so I'm getting more comfortable with it. It's been great so far.”

Drummond improved his free-throw shooting dramatically last season, going from a dismal 38.6 percent in 2016-17 to a much more viable 60.5 percent from the stripe on higher volume.

The New Yorker had his most well-rounded season to date, posting a stud-like double-double of 15 points and 16 rebounds last season — the highest rebounding average since franchise star Dennis Rodman averaged 16.1 rebounds in 1996-97 for the Chicago Bulls.

The Worm won seven rebounding titles during his career, and while this is Drummond's second, it's likely his rebounding will take a hit if he starts taking 3-pointers and strays from the paint — which has been his meal ticket over his entire NBA career.