Pistons news: Blake Griffin weighs in on NBA-China controversy
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Pistons’ Blake Griffin weighs in on NBA-China controversy

Blake Griffin, Pistons

Detroit Pistons star Blake Griffin has given his two cents on the NBA-China controversy.

The All-Star power forward admitted that he doesn’t know much about politics in his home turf, let alone world politics. However, he hopes that no one gets hurt in the whole ordeal.

“To be honest … at the risk of sounding ignorant, there’s so many things in our government that I don’t completely understand, so I don’t pretend to know what’s happening over there,” Griffin said, per Ryan Gaydos of Fox News.

“My only hope is that no one gets hurt.”

Most NBA players and coaches have remained mum or neutral on the NBA-China issue sparked by a now-deleted tweet by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey.

While the issue has seemingly cooled down, it reached its highest point when Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James shared his thoughts on the matter. James hit on Morey and tagged him as someone uneducated on the matter. The four-time MVP also said that he has some other issues to take care of and distanced himself away from the controversy.

Several Chinese corporations — who are in several ventures with the NBA — pulled out of their deals with the NBA once the tweet spread. Tencent, the country’s streaming service, has only shown a few NBA games. The country’s state television, however, has completely blacked out NBA games.